The Latest 'Inside the Box' Idea in Town!

It was the festive season. Nilanka was busy cleaning up her house. She was dusting every nook and corner. She was already pressed for time as her brainchild start-up Oyila had just taken off a few months ago. She had some orders to be completed and delivered. But, she couldn't keep her mind off from the cleaning work as she loved order, symmetry and a neat ambience. Probably that is why she excelled in her business in a short period after the launch of 'Oyila'. She had numerous happy customers, mostly mommies who had ordered gorgeous frocks and gowns for their kids' birthdays and special occasions.  Although Nilanka was pursuing her passion, she had always wanted to do something different and 'out of the box'. She knew that she had tough competition in the space that her business was operating in. Making customized apparels had become the latest fad in the boutique business segment. She was just waiting for that spark to hit her, for her 'eureka' mome

5 life lessons I am learning through running

Couch to 5kms. This has truly been my story for the past 3 months. From someone who used to stealthily carry a notebook in the uniform pocket to read for class tests or just play the sport of ‘tennicoit’ (Assumed and seen as the easiest of all games) during the ‘physical education’ hours in school, I can actually run now. And I can see it changing the person that I have been. I started running 3 months ago. I recognised a personal milestone in my running today. It could be a miniscule one for proper marathon runners. But for me, it is huge. Till now, whenever I ran about 5 kms, I used to take a break with a brisk walk after every kilometre. But today, I managed to run my first 3 km without a break. I took a brief 30 second walk after that and continued to run the next 3 km without a break. I have covered only about 35 kms through the total number of runs I have done in these 3 months. Yet it is so amazing how much running can teach you in such a short period of time. For me

#IBA2017 Indiblogger Awards 2017 - Support my blog!

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Everyone loves Chubby...

It was a calm and pleasant evening. The twilight hour was nearing and the skies were turning orange. There were a few flaky clouds scattered all across the sky. The sea breeze was slowly marqueeing its way around trees and plants.  Little boy Chubby and his mom were enjoying the sight of birds flying back home after a tired day. Chubby was a 3 year old boy, cute and cheerful, but not so mischievous. Both of them were in the open terrace, gazing into the sky as the moon was slightly beginning to show its face. Chubby was always excited to spend time with his mom in the terrace. That day was also not different. But for Chubby's mom, things were different on that day. She was disturbed by some thoughts in her head. She was tensed and perplexed.  The next day was going to be Chubby's first day to school. All these years, Chubby had always been by his mom's side and now he had grown up to go to school. On one hand, his mom was proud but on the other part of her head, a

The Golden Surprise

The prince of this story, was a unique gift to the land. He was matchless. He was born in a royal land. He lived in a magnificent  and really beautiful pink palace surrounded by gardens with so many colorful and lively varieties of flowers, shrubs and meadows. The palace stood tall amidst the garden. The prince shimmered in gold all the time. Yet he had no huge air about it. He was the sweetest of all those who lived around him. So sweet that he had numerous visitors everyday, every moment. He never had to go out of his place. So many beautiful, unique guests would come to see him. The prince was so enthusiastic by the attention that he got all through the day. He also had a best friend, a sunflower in the garden with whom he shared all his feelings. As time went by, he was too bored to sit wherever he was without looking at the outside world. He had never stepped out to see the real world. He asked his best friend, the sunflower, why he was becoming so unhappening and unlucky while

Happy Sailing!

A vast sea in front of my eyes. Thick and dark blue with strong tides and soulful waves. Waves were washing off my feet as I stood there at the shore not knowing whether I must go ahead with this journey. I didn't even have a motor powered boat, all I had was two oars and a rickety boat to find my way through this. After a lot of thought, my feet bid goodbye to the shore with confusion clouded inside my head. I set sail on my rickety boat. The sea was tranquil in the beginning, it was kind to me. Yet I sailed with a lot of questions in my head. Where will this journey take me? Will I find the right direction to move? If I lose my way, will I find someone on the way to help me? How long will it take me to reach where I want to? Where do I want to reach, what is my destination? I decided to silence these questions in my head and give this a try. As I sailed on the ups and downs of the rough sea, I started feeling lonely. Now and then, there would be few boats that

She found her Mr.Right and he was a cool one!

She loved adventures. She was always ready for new ones, the places where she had not been before. Monsoon had set in, she had just had a break up last month and she was feeling bored at home. So she packed her backpack and set out in search of a new place. She walked through dense, thickly populated streets. She was more of a city person and explored every nook and corner as a hobby. She crossed so many narrow streets and dark lit alleys..But she didn't feel like walking into any of them.. A few steps ahead, a place in brown caught her attention..An old man was sitting out, guarding the woody door. "Come in, you won't regret it!" he said in a base voice.  She opened the slightly creaky door to find a place lit in golden yellow. She carefully walked into the new place..  There were only a few people around who were busy with their own stuff.. A few were sitting and chatting with friends.. And then she saw him.. Across the room..Quite away from where